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Rutherford Asset Management is an independent Discretionary Fund Manager specialising in the design and management of model portfolios that blend world class managers and funds into client focussed risk adjusted portfolios.

Our model portfolios, which combine a wide diversification of asset classes and manager styles with regular rebalancing to target risk parameters, aim to enhance long term investment performance while reducing volatility. 

We offer a wide variety of model portfolios to suit every type of investor, from the very cautious through to the opportunistic, with a specific focus on the retired investor.

We support independent financial advisers and have made Rutherford model portfolios available on all major South African platforms, facilitating world class independent investment advice.

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The Power of Opposing Views

The Power of Opposing Views

Investment markets seem to be increasingly volatile and subject to news and events on the other side of the world. This can be put down to the speed of communication and social media, but also to the ease by which investors can buy or sell securities on any ex...

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Supply Chains, a Commodity Boom and Spiralling Inflation

Following the unsettled Covid years everyone was looking forward to 2022 being a more normal year. It has not panned out that way. Inflation has surged, particularly in the developed world, which is forcing central banks to reverse the policies of the last dec...

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Crypto, Blockchain and the Future of Finance

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